ORAL PRESENTATION: Comparative demography of seven tree species across Europe

Submitted by : Fady Bruno
Abstract type : Oral presentation
Session type : Conference session 1: GENOMES and the ENVIRONMENT
Author Speaker : Martin Lascoux

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Martin Lascoux, Tanja Pyhäjärvi  and the GenTree consortium

Abstract :

The last multi-species, large scale, attempt to characterize genetic variation and past demography of forest tree species is already more than sixteen year old (Petit et al. 2003). This survey, based on chloroplast DNA markers, unravelled a large diversity of patterns in the distribution of genetic diversity among species: some species, like birch, exhibited little genetic structure while others, like oaks showed a structure that could readily be interpreted in terms of refugia from the last glacial. However, the data being based on a limited number of markers in non-recombining DNA, were not well adapted to conduct a more quantitative assessment of past demography or to study local adaptation. In the present study we used exome capture to re-sequence seven tree species sampled across Europe, three conifers and four broadleaves. The number of individuals per species varied from 500 to 600, with at least 20 populations and 25 individuals per population. The exome capture comprised a common set of orthologs thereby facilitating comparisons across species. Phenotypic and environmental data were collected in all populations. In all species, and in contrast to what was observed with cpDNA, a clear genetic structure was recovered. This data will be discussed in relation to past climatic events and local adaptation.

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Keywords : exome capture, genetic structure, past climatic events, local adaptation