ORAL PRESENTATION: Genomics of clinal local adaptation in Pinus sylvestris under continuous environmental and spatial genetic setting

Submitted by : Fady Bruno
Abstract type : Oral presentation
Session type : Conference session 1: GENOMES and the ENVIRONMENT
Author Speaker : Tanja Pyhäjärvi

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Jaakko Tyrmi
Jaana Vuosku
Juan Acosta
Zhen Li
Lieven Sterck
Maria Cervera
Outi Savolainen
Tanja Pyhäjärvi

Abstract :

Understanding the consequences of local adaptation at the genomic diversity is a central goal in evolutionary genetics of natural populations. In species with large continuous geographical distributions the phenotypic signal of local adaptation is frequently clear, but the genetic background often remains elusive. We examined the patterns of genetic diversity in Pinus sylvestris, a keystone species in many Eurasian ecosystems with a huge distribution range and decades of forestry research showing that it is locally adapted to the vast range of environmental conditions. Making P. sylvestris an even more attractive subject of local adaptation study, population structure has been shown to be weak previously and in this study. However, little is known about the molecular genetic basis of adaptation, as the massive size of gymnosperm genomes has prevented large scale genomic surveys. We generated a both geographically and genomically extensive dataset using a targeted sequencing approach. By applying divergence-based and landscape genomics methods we found that several coding loci contribute to local adaptation. We also discovered a very large (ca. 300 Mbp) putative inversion with a signal of local adaptation, which to our knowledge is the first such discovery in conifers. Our results call for more detailed analysis of structural variation in relation to genomic basis of local adaptation, emphasize the lack of large effect loci contributing to local adaptation in the coding regions and thus point out to the need for more attention towards multi-locus analysis of polygenic adaptation.

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Keywords : Pinus sylvestris, local adaptation, polygenic adaptation, clinal variation, targeted sequencing